All About Crossroads

Welcome to Our New Blog

We are all about finding thoroughbreds fresh off the track and retraining them to be able to find their way into another lifestyle then facing the alternative (possible slaughter)and finding suitable forever homes…not exclusive to only them! “ALL HORSES” welcomed!

It is my goal to make a difference, and give horses a 2nd chance to a new life…the alternative is not a choice…it is totally unbearable to me as a compassionate,caring person…we must put a end to the cruelties man has placed upon One of “GOD’S” finest creatures.

Sign of Hope..Author Unknown:

I looked at all the penned animals…the cast-offs of society. I saw in their eyes LOVE and HOPE, Fear and Dread, Sadness and Betrayal.

“GOD” I said this is terrible. Why don’t you do something? God was silent for a moment and then spoke softly. “I have done something” was the reply…I created “YOU”

So come along and be a part of something bigger than all of us…



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